Bring books to Africa Help build a library in Africa

Help build a Library in South Africa Project
​ 2016/2017 

Help Build a library project started in 2012 with the release of my first book. 
2016 takes on its 3rd year and has reached a global level of book love from authors and readers alike. 
In April SAIR writers event, with the support of the local community and media raised 1000 books for the kids of Johannesburg city. 
Held at Skoobs Theatre of Books, this year we joined forces with The pavement bookworm foundation and were able to access the kind of school that really needed the book the most. 

How to Get Involved

  • If you would like to know how to get involved please click the button below and fill in the contact form. We take YA and children’s books of good quality.
  • For authors to get their book involved in this program a $5 or R20  fee is appreciated to help distribute these books and get your name and book/s listed on our wall of heroes page (coming soon)

Help build a library in South Africa  2015/2016 starts off with a bang! 


These are SOME of the books I have brought back with me from Utopiacon in Nashville that have been donated to the cause of bringing the wonder of literacy to South African youngsters. This tribe(utopiacon) has been beyond giving. Unfortunately the little bit I brought back cost me 90 USD and to bring the rest home will cost a small fortune. If you are in any way willing to help bring some awesome reads to my library project pls do so by donating through PayPal to pay for shipping costs!
Your name and link will go up on my hero board for this project! 

Help build a library in SA 2014/ 2015 


Highlights for 2014/2015 project

I take great pride in my passion for my library project. Its something I feel strongly about. As a teenager I would have been much better off reading and finding companionship and guidance in something as powerful as stories. I collect books from all over the world and head on out to a school who needs the wonder of YA reads in their library. As our government continues to ignore the importance of education in simple things like story books, and what a difference it can make in a child’s life and future – I plan on bringing awesome stories to help heal, comfort and inspire young minds all across Johannesburg in hopes that one day I can reach out to other provinces who desperately need guidance and friendship through books, reading and writing. This world has brought me healing, empowerment and self-love I want that for every child to know what is out there and that dreams come true if you so wish it…

Books I collected 2014 Utopiacon #Nashville from fabulous authors and brought back home with me.

Chelsea fine
SM Boyce
Mary Ting
Casey L Bond
Rachel Morgan
Rose Garcia
SG Daniels
Kelly Jade stock took a stack of books out of her personal collection


Follow this link to see how you can get involved this year.
SAIR Book Festival 

What we accomplished in 2012/2013


Thank you to your donations and efforts we have collected over 50 books!

Avalon is a privately owned school considered a new born among it’s affiliates, that started off with less than 100 pupils, only a few years back. But to my kids it is their home, that feels like visiting family each time I drop them off for school. Avalon has grown up over the past few years, and even thought it has always been a beautiful sanctuary for many, it had lacked a few fundamental additions. 

Like a Library, sports field, more classrooms, and technical equipment. I decided to host a charity event. Roped in a few authors, friends, family and launched my book with hopes of raising money not only for the school but a noble charity such as Starfish. I collected book donations over months of preparation. Some amazing sponsors. Like Tanaz hair body and nails. In our efforts we managed to raise money, and donate some books to the school. Ebooks, and many more prizes were donated to draw in the crowds. When it came down to the end we helped build a library! Thank you to all who donated, participated and assisted in moving the planned outside venue indoors when the rain storm hit! Special thanks to My husband, Robert, and My sister for all your support that night, and the authors who kept me calm when I was in total panic mode over the loss of the outside venue at time zero! Thanks to Mom and Dad who had always believed in me! The Biggest thank you to The School for providing the venue.
Avalon Private School now has a library!

Avalon Private school Now has a new library Thanks to your efforts!

I will also accept second hand books that are in great condition

Now taking eBooks


3 ebooks donated by Tabitha Ormiston-Smith


Two ebooks
From BeanPods Press


From authors Lisette Brodey and Mary Ting

If you would like to donate a copy of your book to the new Library please fill in the contact form by clicking HERE.

How it all began!
The Broken Destiny Launch Party and Charity Event


Featured Personalities
Lea Cherri. Myself. Lynelle Clark. Editor and famous book blogger Sandra Valente.
Author Leandi Cameron. Maggie Tideswell. Belinda te Riele Ceo of Starfish Greatheart Foundation

We had secured a few great books donated by amazing authors and people towards raising money in the benefit of aids orphans and raising funds towards the school. A huge thank you to all the sponsors and authors.
Thank you for touching lives!
You can view all participants at the bottom of the page – There are some amazing books!
I am still taking donations to add to the brand new library.

Author donations – Avalon


81 Piere Road, Honeydew, South Africa

The Following Authors have donate either one/ many copies of their books to auction off or pool together as a prize for the event and add to the library of Avalon School.


Sandra Valente

4 amazing Paperback copies


TG Ayer

Two signed Copies
And some swag!


Carlyle Labuschagne

Signed paperback copy
The Broken Destiny,
an eBook,
and an eReader


Wodke Hawkinson

Blue one eBook copy of Blue short story collection


Maggie Tideswell

Dark Moon
Signed Paperpack


Lea Cherry

1 ebook
2 signed paperback copies
The Rose of Cavendish


Dakota Banks
2 Signed copies
Sacrifice and bookmarks


Dakota Banks
2 Signed copies
Sacrafice and bookmarks


Chicki Brown
Hollywood Swinging

Chicki has donated an ebook copy of her award winning novel for the event to add into the pool for the grand prize.


Dee Marie
Sons of Avalon Merlin’s prophecy

Dee Marie has donated one signed copy of her book .


MM Kline

Donated 6 copies of her book


Suzy Turner

Ebooks of Raven
The Lost Soul
and December Moon


Junying Kirk
3 eBooks from her Trilogy


by Micheal Cody


Rachel Morgan


Martha Bourke
Jaguar Sun


KD Sage
Choice of ebook or paperback
Copy of Knight Errant
His Faithful Squire
and her new release
Queens Man out Jan 2012


Airicka Phoenix
ebook copy of Touching Smoke


Airicka Phoenix

eBook copy of Midnight Surrender


Michelle Horst


Patti Roberts