Blossom Blood

Blossom Blood

Asher Blossom only lives for one thing – to honor the dying wish of those he has loved and lost.
He will complete his studies at Cambridge and break free his siblings from the tradition of the Blossom family business. Especially after it held so many secrets, regrets, and danger for his parents.

Returning home after nearly three years, he not only realizes how much his younger siblings have grown but also how much they have grown apart. Despite his many long-distance conversations with his Uncle and siblings, the household has many things they keep from him.

Determined to fix his broken family, and bury the guilt he feels for not being able to stop the fatal accident that claimed the life of Amanda, the love of his life, and his parents – he gathers up the family for a nice dinner and a talk. Leaving the house he unexpectedly returns to grab something he left behind only to discover intruders have broken in.
When he tries to stop them, things go horribly wrong and he is forced into a life he never knew existed. One that holds dark curses, time magic, and artifacts that could destroy reality.
When he learns about who, what, and why evil has come their way, he is suddenly faced with a dream he wanted for so long.
Will he finally be the hero he wasn’t on that fatal day? Can he go back in time and change it all, melting away the regrets that consume him every day?
Or can he break the Blossom Blood curse and destroy the evil that wants to use him?

Shannan Lee
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely awesome book, loved the characters

Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2019

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